Under water Pelletizing Production Line

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1.Controlled by PLC, touch screen one-click operation, simple and reliable.

2.Templates and props with high-temperature wear-resistant materials for longer service life.

3.Three kinds of regulation, such as mechanically adjusted blade, pneumatic adjusted blade and hydraulic- pneumatic adjusted blade.

4.Unique cutter structure, accurately adjust the clearance between the cutter and the template to make the operation more stable.

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PP, PE and its compounds, various of thermoplastic elastomers, PA, TPU, EVA and other hot melt adhesive.  

Extensive heat and mass transfer, narrow residence time distribution, large surface to volume ratio, continuous operation. Ideal for high viscosity, high temperature reaction systems.

Continuous polymerization or reactive extrusion like dynamic vulcanization, crosslinking, grafting, and chain extension of PUR, PA, POM, PEI, PC, PMMA, PBT, PPS, etc.


Type Die hole NO. Die diameter(mm) Pelletizer power(kw) Total power(kw) Output(kg/hr )
UW100 2~10 0.5~3.2 3 15 2~100
UW200 4~15 0.5~3.2 3 25 20~200
UW500 18~36 0.5~3.2 7.5 35 100~800
UW1000 30~72 0.5~3.2 15 45 600~1500
UW2000 50~100 0.5~3.2 18.5 55 1000~2500
UW5000 100~180 0.5~3.2 37 75 2500~6000

The water strand unit is usually used in the production of the more commonly used simple, after the die head will come out of the thick plastic smell, after water cooling dry cut, irregular particles; Air cooling unit is mainly for filling type of formula cut out of the clay formula; Air cooling unit usually through the air high pressure pipe, its noise; The water ring cutting technology and underwater cutting has been very close, the die head is different; Water ring cost is low. The current underwater pelleting system has some individual requirements. For some materials which are quite easy to solve, it is easy to cut the pelleting underwater and then it can be out of the screw machine in the front section. I'm going to cut out nice granules. After cooling in the pipeline process, dehydration is completed. Underwater granulation solves the problem of noise in the production workshop. The exhaust hole of the underwater granulating screw machine will be out of the body, and the finished product is the plastic particles after the water cooling, and there is no harmful gas in the process. Environmental requirements and operator health concerns are an ideal alternative to production lines.

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