Welcome Mr. Adriano and Mr. Jorge to Visit Our Factory

Mr. Adriano and Mr. Jorge along with Mr. Ji came to visit our factory today.
They would like to negotiate for our PVB intermediate film production line which is 4000mm glass laminated film.(CTS-120B/CTS-65B-PVB4000) The three layers structure is A/B, thickness is 0.38mm~1.52mm, width is 4000mm(max), winding diameter is 600mm, annual output is 1800 ton (300 days calculation ,extrusion capacity is more than 500 kg/h) line speed is 15m/min. The technical parameters will display as follows:


Part1: Raw material treatment unit includes bale cutter machine, belt conveyor, crushing mill, positive pressure conveying system, screw feeding machine, double cone silo, twin screw feeder, electrical control and steel platform;
Part 2:  A machine: CTS-120D/450kw/300rpm/40:1 twin screw extruder includes CTS-120D twin screw extruder, soft water circulation cooling system, forced vacuuming system and CTS-120D extruder control cabinet.


Part3:  B machine: CTS-65B/45kw/300rpm/40:1 twin screw extruder includes CTS-65B twin screw extruder, soft water circulation cooling system, forced vacuuming system and CTS-65B extruder control cabinet.
Part4:  Control section and steel platform includes electric control and steel platform.
Part5:  Screen changer, melt pump, die head includes rotary filter, double column double station hydraulic screen, melt pump, melt pump drive, coupler and PVB film manual die head. 
Part6:  Manual thickness gauge .
Part7:  PVB film super cooling auxiliary machine production line includes flow delay cooling tank, manual thickness measuring unit, hot air tempering oven, cooling setting roll, transition, inspection cutting unit, isolation film unwinding unit, automatic winding unit and auxiliary control cabinet.
After we talked about the technical parameters about PVB film, they visited our manufacturing center. They were satisfied with our proposal, then we had a fancy lunch.


Post time: Nov-24-2021