The customers came to our company for testing CTS-65D PLA biodegradable production line

The customers came here for testing CTS-65 D PLA biodegradable production line today.

I would like to introduce the production line briefly here .The material is PLA,cassava starch and other biodegradable materials. The output is 300~450 kg/h,total power is 200 kw. The diameter is 62.4mm,Feeding reducer is cycloidal reducer, power 1.1kW, speed ratio 11:1.Adjusting way is by ABB AC inverter speed control.The gearbox  is integration of deceleration and torque distribution to strengthen the design of carrying capacity. The shaft material is using of high strength alloy steel (40CrNiMoA) material, high strength quenching and tempering treatment, hardness of 300-350HB, composite forging, improve the strength and toughness,ensure the transmission requirements of screw torque.  The barrel adopts modular design, can be combined freely, precision machining, excellent interchangeability.  Barrelcooling is usingcirculatingsoftwatercoolingmode; Thecooling passage of the barrel adopts porous and multi-round channel structure,andthecoolingistimelyanduniform.Thepassageissealed and welded in accordance with the pressure vessel specification. the pressure test is carried out on all the passages.The die head is hinged mesh changing, Equipped with 2 shunt plates, and the material is: 38CrMoAlA . Hydraulic station :1.5kw. Head heating: cast copper power is 2kw. Die plate board 13-Φ4mm.The stainless steel vacuum condensate separating tank and the inner plate filter water gate are used to absorb impurities.Diameter is  Φ 300.   Characteristics of CTS-65D extruder control cabinet which is controlled by PLC, The host machine has the functions of over current, over voltage, under voltage, lack of phase, overheating, blocking and so on; Temperature control system using Omron temperature control meter, steady control accuracy of ±2The host has interlock protection function is the interlock between the main engine and the gearbox oil pump and the motor cooling fan is opened; Host and feeder interlock protection.


Post time: Aug-16-2021