The Barrels and Screw Elements for TE75 Twin Screw Extruder were Delivered to Belarus

   Our customer bought 19 barrels and 336 screw elements from our company, we just produce according to their drawings. Our production can meet customers'different requirements for spare parts.
    Our company is not only a professional manufacturer in twin screw extruder, single screw extruder ,PVB intermediate film , long glass fiber production line ,under water pelletizing system and so on. But also we can produce auxiliary machine such as gearbox, pelletizer. Spare parts like solid barrels, direct compound barrels ,complete liner barrels, compound alloy liner barrels and screw elements .We own a professional team equipped with high grade precision machinery such as digital boring mill ,numerically controlled fraise machine, numerically controlled flat with a processing center which has characteristics as follows:
1.Quick and highly precise
2.Digital machines with multi-function to enhance device availability
3.Process at front platform while programming back platform .
The screw elements are made by W6Mo5Cr4V2 liner. The barrels and screw elements were shipped to our customer today.


Post time: Nov-17-2021