New Design for Clam Shell Barrel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

The distinguishing feature of the clam shell barrel twin screw extruder is that the barrel can be split, and at the same time, the screw and the bushing inside the barrel can be combined at will!
What are the advantages of clam shell barrel co-rotating twin screw extruders?

1.Abrasion conditions
Due to the ease of opening, the wear degree of screw elements and bushings in the barrel can be found at any time, so that effective repair or replacement can be carried out.
2.Reduce production costs
Ordinary twin-screw extruders need to use a large amount of cleaning material to clean the machine when changing colors, which is time-consuming, electrical, and wasteful of raw materials.
Calm shell barrel twin screw extruder can solve this problem, when changing colors, as long as a few minutes can quickly open the barrel, manual cleaning, so that you can not use or less cleaning materials, saving costs.
3.Improve labor efficiency
During equipment repair:
Ordinary twin-screw extruders often have to remove the heating and cooling system first, and then extract the screw as a whole.
Clam shell barrel twin screw extruders do not use, as long as a few bolts are released, turn the worm gear box handle device to lift the upper part of the barrel can open the entire barrel, and then repair. This not only shortens the maintenance time, but also reduces the labor intensity.
4.High torque, high speed
At present, the development trend of twin-screw extruders in the world is to develop in the direction of high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect of high speed is high productivity. Clam shell barrel twin screw extruders fall into this category, with speeds of up to 500 rpm. Therefore, it has a unique advantage in processing high-viscosity and heat-sensitive materials.
5. High yield, high quality
With the other advantages of ordinary twin-screw extruders, high yield, high quality and high efficiency can be achieved.
6. Wide range of applications
A wide range of applications, can be applied to a variety of materials processing. For example, the heating and mixing of thermosetting materials such as epoxy resins and phenolic resins.


Post time: Oct-13-2022