CTS-26C Lab Twin Screw Extruder is Used for Color Masterbatch

Detailed technical parameters:

  1. Output :

The output is 8~35kg/hr , it is small capacity. It is suitable for laboratory research ;

  1. T win screw volumetric feeder WS30

The power of speed reducer is 0.55kW,Speed ratio:17:1. AC frequency convertor adopts to “Yaskawa” AC frequency convertor. The material of hopper is stainless steel.

  1. The Twin Screw Extruder
Machine Model CTS-26C
Motor power 7.5KW
Screw speed 60~600rpm
AC frequency converter/DC motor drive “Yaskawa” AC frequency inventor
Screw diameter Φ26mm
L/D L/D=40:1
Screw element material 38CrMoAlA
Barrel material 38CrMoAlA
Screw shaft materials 40CrNiMoA

4.Water-cooling strand pelletizing system 

4.1.Stainless steel water tank 1 Set

4.1.1..Length 2 meters
4.1.2. Guide roller Material: Nylon , 2 sets
4.1.3. Characteristics The tank is designed for handwheel rotation and adjustment, easy and convenient  

With adjustable support casters, sink height can be adjusted  

4.2.Air knife                                             1 Set

4.2.1. Power 0.75kW
4.2.2.Structure Round tube type
4.2.3. Installation Installation on the water tank


4.3.Pelletizer                                    1 Set

4.3.1.Power 2.2kW
4.3.2.Cutters, rubber rolls High speed tool steel material
4.3.3.Speed control frequency control system
4.3.4.Cutter Moving blade and fixed blade inlaid carbide material
4.3.5.rubber roller High Temperature Friction-Resistant


5.CTS-26C Electrical control cabinet is operated by Siemens PLC pannel, touch screen operation.


Post time: Jun-22-2022