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PA6+ Long Carbon Fiber

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1.The equipment can realize glass fiber broken beam traction operation without shutdown, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

2.The glass fiber has a high degree of infiltration, small damage and high yield.

3.The glass fiber content is 20%、30%、40%、and 60%, which can meet the needs of different customers.


Type Strand NO. Linear speed(m/min) Glass fiber content(% ) Output(kg/hr )
LFT5 5 10~60 20~60 45~125
LFT10 10 10~60 20~60 120~250
LFT20 20 10~60 20~60 240~500
LFT30 30 10~60 20~60 360~800
LFT40 40 10~60 20~60 480~1200
LFT60 60 10~60 20~60 720~1800

Production process

Long glass fiber production line  (2)

A long size strand of fiberglass reinforced resin is cut into, for example, The resin granules with a length of 15mm are used for the manufacture of injection molding products such as the inner parts of motor vehicles (control box, instrument panel, etc.), the outer parts of motor vehicles (bumper, fender, etc.), and the shell of electronic equipment parts (laptop computer, mobile phone, etc.).

The resin pellet production equipment mainly includes a wire storage tray, an impregnation tank, a tractor and a cutting part.During the work, the fiber bundle drawn from the storage disk first enters the impregnation tank, so that the molten thermoplastic resin is impregnated in the fiber bundle and the resin impregnated fiber bundle is generated. The resin impregnated fiber bundle is then pulled out by the tractor and cut off the parts.

All kinds of long glass fiber granulation production lines including the above structure are provided with traction rolls on the body of the tractors. In practical application, from upstream of the resin impregnated fiber bundles directly into the tractor traction roll, resin impregnated fiber bundles and traction roller friction contact position fixed, use after a period of time, is easy to mount on the circumference of the traction roller rolling out of the groove, so that the traction roller traction slashed of resin impregnated fiber bundles, The traction roller must be replaced to meet the traction requirements, which greatly reduces the service life of the traction roller.

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