Lab Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

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1. Small twin screw extruder is used for testing basic performance of material, such as color, plasticity.

2. Small twin screw extruder is used for developing the new allotment.

Product Detail

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1.Easy dismantle and assemble.

2.Very small foot space, reduced working space.

3.Use less material for faster, cost-effective development. 

4.Barrels and screw elements are designed as modular, we configure the barrels and screw elements individually applications.  

5.Easy cleaning and configuration changes.

6.Facilitate data collection and recording.

7.Suitable for universities and scientific research laboratories used for technology, formula development, etc. It is with beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy to use and maintain, precise process conditions control and other characteristics.

Scope of laboratory twin screw extruder

1. Special teaching in High Vocational Colleges.

2. New Materials and material modified by macromolecule polymer in High Educational Colleges.

3. Color masterbatch and functional masterbatch production enterprise, testing its despercion and plasticity.

4. Plastic additives enterprise, testing the function of plastic assitives.

5. Sales color masterbatch and plastic additive, providing proofing.

6.Mini/Small/Lab scale twin screw extruder Machine can test even only a small amount of material, especially for color-matching, raw material evaluation, new formula research and development and pre-screening for pre-mixing materials.

7.Mini/Small/Lab Scale twin screw extruder machine is handy and convenient with attractive price-performance ratio, and is the best choice for various institutes labs, universities and research institutes.


Type  Diameter( mm  ) Do/Di L/D RPM(max) Power(kw) T/A³  Output(kg/hr)
CTS-16C  15.6 1.71 24~48 600 1.5 6.1 1~10
CTS-20C  22 1.54 32~64 600 5.5 7 5~20
CTS-26C  26 1.53 32~100 600 7.5 5.6 8~35
CTS-30C  30.2 1.42 32~100 600 15 6.8 15~55
CTS-35C  35.6 1.51 32~100 600 30 5.8 20~120

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