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1.Polymer is fully fused.

2.The residence time of melt is effectively increased.

3.Specially designed vacuum exhaust chamber can prevent partial backflow and facilitate the cleaning of pipeline sundries.

4.Precise temperature control reduces melt viscosity.

5.Customize different devolatilization processes for different materials.

6.Melt surface regeneration speed is fast.

7.Part of the volatile and dispersed materials can be recycled and reused. 

Post-treatment of polymerization reaction is another important application direction which reflects the special advantages of twin screw extruder.

1. Depending on the polymerization process, often need to wet powder adhesive solution after the reaction solution or melt the water contained in the state of a variety of materials such as oligomer reaction by-products of residual solvent monomer and unstable end groups such as volatile separation removal recovery, sometimes still need to accompany to join all kinds of additives and refined and homogenization, a process which are regarded as polymerization processing category Because it often involves many complex adverse factors such as high viscosity phase change hanging wall, traditional or conventional equipment is often not competent for special post-processing twin screw machine, usually can be done at one go, to achieve the continuous and stable removal of all kinds of volatile; Significantly simplify the process, save energy, reduce consumption, reduce costs, improve the operating environment and improve product quality; In most cases, the extrusion granulation process can be completed simultaneously at one time and the finished granule

2. Can be obtained directly. According to the type of operation, the post-processing twin-screw machine can be roughly divided into solvent evaporation type and extrusion and dehydration type. The former can deal with the raw material system with a solvent volatile content of up to 70-80%, while the latter typically has a raw material water content of about 30-60%. The pursuit of liquid phase to remove water means that it can greatly save energy.

3. Application : polypropylene to remove 70%  

PMMA demonomer;

K resin off 50%;

Polymer removal ;

PC copolymer debranching;

PS copolymer debranching;

ABS wet powder dehydration;

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene dehydration;

all kinds of rubber post-treatment extrusion dehydration;

Stabilization of the decapitating group of POM fluoroplastics.

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