CTS-H Series Twin Screw Extruder

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1.CTS-H series was equipped with import gearbox and safety clutch.

2.The processing section are modular construction design,they have flexible operation in the mixing and extrusion.

3. Their performance are more superior,the quality are more reliable ,compared with foreign high-end products,the extruder have good price advantage and perfect after-sales service.

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 Type Diameter(mm)  Do/Di  L/D RPM(max) Power(kw)  T/A³ Output(kg/hr)
 CTS-40H  41.1  1.52  32~100  900  90  11.6  240~400
 CTS-52H  51.4  1.52  32~100  900  160  10.6  480~820
 CTS-65H  62.4  1.54  32~72  900  280  10.5  820~1500
 CTS-75H  71  1.51  32~72  900  400  11.0  900~2300
 CTS-95H  93  1.52  32~72  900  1000  11.1  2800~5000

The CTS-H series of high-torque twin-screw extruders have a unique mechanical principle of symmetrical mandle-shafts, which determines a simple and advanced connection between the gears and the motor. In this new solution, the torque from the second screw is evenly split and transmitted to the two mand shafts through the coupling. Therefore, symmetrical gear shafts need to bear 25% of the total torque. The load capacity of this bearing connection ensures the required torque and high output at screw speed, which ultimately determines the high performance of polymer mixing.

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