CTS-D Series Twin Screw Extruder

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1.CTS-D series was equipped with high-torque gearbox, the rotary speed can reach to 800 RPM.

2.Various materials of barrel and screw elements can be chosen.

3.The processing section L/D can be from 24 to 64.

4.Independently controlled barrel temperature, priority is given to PLC control.

High-performance equipment helps customers get a faster return on

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All main motors of machine use Variable Frequency Motor(AC), eliminating three-phase asynchronous motors

Variable Frequency Motor:

(1) Speed regulation is easy and energy saving.

(2) AC motor has simple structure, small volume, small inertia, low cost, easy maintenance and durability.

(3) It can expand output and achieve high speed and high voltage operation.

(4) Soft start and fast brake can be achieved.

(5) No spark, explosion-proof, and strong environmental adaptability.

2.high output:

Take "PP" material as an example, the PP material is tested on the customer's site, our machines' actual production output is 10%-20% higher than the same model in the market;

3.Simple installation:

The equipment is easy to install, only need to be connected to the inlet and outlet water, which can save 2 days of installation time;

4.Advanced design:

All electrical components are imported famous brands, like German "SIEMENS", France "SCHNEIDER", United States "CEME", Japan "ORMON" "TOSHIBA" "FUJI" etc.;

The industry's first advanced dust cover design, beautiful appearance and simple maintenance;

Use a thicker and more heat-resistant heater to ensure the heating effect of the barrel and the service life of the heater;

The water cooling system of the barrel adopts stainless steel pipes and valves;


Available production video reference;

6.Good after-sales service

The warranty of main gearbox is for free for 1year;

Modernized CNC processing equipment to fundamentally guarantee the supply of quantity and quality of equipment spare parts;

We provide engineers overseas installation service.


Type  Diameter(mm) Do/Di L/D RPM(max) Power(kw) T/A³ Output(kg/hr)
CTS-40D 41.1 1.52 32~100 900 75 9.2 150~350
CTS-52D 51.4 1.52 32~100 900 132 8.8 350~700
CTS-65D 62.4 1.54 32~72 900 250 9.4 650~1200
CTS-75D 71 1.51 32~72 900 355 8.7 900~1800
CTS-85D 81 1.54 32~72 900 500 8.5 1300~2500
CTS-95D 93 1.52 32~72 900 800 8.9 1800~4000
CTS-120D 116 1.71 32~72 900 800 9.5 2200~4200

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