CTS-CD Series Twin Screw Extruder

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CTS-CD series two-stage compounding extruder consisted of two parts.

1.The first stage is a parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder with sufficient mixing function to realize the plasticization, mixing and homogenization of the material, and there is no back-pressure reflux of the head, so as to achieve the best mixing state of the materials.

2.The second stage is a single-screw extruder with low speed rotation, which can achieve the extrusion of material insulation and avoid decomposition in overheating processing. Combined with powerful design experience, it has a processing manufacturing platform of a special new type of machine structure and screws element.

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1. High efficient twin-screw compounding, the finished material without die head backpressure residence, stuck into the low speed low shear single screw cooling, avoiding high shear of the twin-screw which caused high melting temp. Materials decompose in the twin-screw head retention.

 2. Twin-screw is a separated, used for drying, solid, compounding part, single-screw part dedicates dry cooling stabilivolt extrusion, the decomposition function in favor of low priority of the two parts out of the main engine parameter design.

3.According to the characteristics of materials and process, it has higher production, efficiency , productivity and lower energy consumption.

Application for two stage pelletizing

It is suitable for the processing of all kinds of heat sensitive materials, flame retardant cable material, high mineral powder filling, shielding material, etc.

1. Plastic recycling:

  PP plastic bags recycling, PE/PP film recycling

2. Cable material:

  PVC cable, PVC transparent bottle material, LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE crosslinked cable material

3. Anti-flame(flame retardant) masterbatch:



   Type Diameter(mm) L/D RPM(max) Power(kw) Output(kg/hr)
CTS/CD52/100 51.4100 24~647~20 60090 7537 120~350
CTS/CD65/150 62.4150 24~647~20 60090 16045 350~800
CTS/CD75/180 71180 24~647~20 60090 25055 500~1200
CTS/CD95/200 93200 24~647~20 60090 50075 1100~2500

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