CTS-C Series Twin Screw Extruder

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Typical Configuration

1. Deceleration, torque distribution integration, new structural design, enhanced safety margin, high precision hard tooth surface grinding, imported bearings and seals, independent forced lubrication cooling system and optional imported zero stress safety coupling;

2. The machine body adopts the reinforced design;

3. The Electronic automatic control system is high-end imported instruments or touch screen system, and its main control components adopt the imported brands;

4. The barrels, screw elements and gearboxes of the main extruder are produced by CNC machining center.

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1.CTS-C series was equipped with a new design of gearbox.

2.Modular construction barrels combination, self- cleaning screw combination.

3.Independent control of barrel temperature.

4.A variety of cutting methods that meet the requirements of various materials.

5.Adopt good dynamic system and workmanship can bring excellent machine performance.

6.The optimal cost performance gives users the best experience.


Type Diameter(mm) Do/Di L/D RPM(max) Power(kw) T/A³ Output(kg/hr)
CTS-40C 41.1 1.52 32~100 900 45 5.8 75~230
CTS52C 51.4 1.52 32~100 900 75 5 120~350
CTS65C 62.4 1.54 32~72 900 160 6 350~800
CTS75C 71 1.51 32~72 900 250 6 500~1200
CTS85C 81 1.54 32~72 900 355 6 700~1800
CTS95C 93 1.52 32~72 900 500 5.5 1100~2500
CTS120C 116 1.71 32~72 500 500 5.9 1000~2800

Intuitively understand the wear situation of wearing parts. Due to the convenience of opening, so can be found at any time the thread element, barrel liner wear degree, so as to carry out effective maintenance or replacement. Not in the extrusion product problems were found, resulting in unnecessary waste.

Reduce production costs. When the masterbatch is manufactured, it is often necessary to change the color, and if it is necessary to change the product, the open processing area is opened within a few minutes. In addition, the mixing process can be analyzed by observing the melt profile throughout the screw.At present, when the ordinary twin screw extruder changes the color, it needs to use a large number of cleaning materials for cleaning, which is time-consuming, electricity, and waste of raw materials. The split type twin screw extruder can solve this problem. When changing the color, it takes only a few minutes to quickly open the boot cylinder and carry out manual cleaning, so that the cleaning material can be used without or less and the cost can be saved.

Improve labor efficiency. In equipment maintenance, the ordinary twin screw extruder often needs to first remove the heating and cooling system, and then pull out the screw as a whole. The split double screw is not necessary, as long as loosen a few bolts, turn the worm gear box handle device to lift the upper part of the extension cylinder can open the whole barrel, and then repair. In this way, the maintenance time is shortened and the labor intensity is reduced.

It can be combined with ordinary twin screw extruder has other advantages, can achieve high output, high quality, high efficiency.

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