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With cooling system/without cooling system Size: diameter 10-120mm/length 500-9000mm. 

(1)40CrNiMo with special treatment and involute form can be used under the circumstances of high torque, high torsion and high load. 

(2 )And nitrogen bearing Martensite stainless steel, WRI5E and WR30 can also be applied to make good toughness and machine. performance available. The performance parameters similar to the imported shaft but with more cost efficient, the machining process is under accurate controlling to make sure the accuracy of groove depth and distance, the smoothness of the surface, toughness and durability as well. 


Product Name High Quality Custom Shaft Stainless Steel CNC Machined Core Shaft
Material 1)Metal:Stainlesssteel,Steel(Iron,)Brass,Copper,Aluminum
3)OEM according to your request
Surface treatment Anodized different color,Mini polishing&brushing,Electronplating(zinc plated,nickel plated,chrome plated),Power coating&PVD coating,Lasermarking&Silk screen,Printing,Welding,Harden etc.
Tolerance ±0.01mm
process CNC machining Auto lathing/turning,Milling,Grindin, Tapping Drilling,Bending,Casting,Laser cutting
Certificate CE
Delivery Time 30 days

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