CD Series single screw extruder

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CD Series Single Screw extruder mainly apply to extrude PP,PE,PETPVC,ABS,PS,PA etc materials.

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1.It adopts special gear box, and has features of low noisy, stable running, high carrying capacity, long service life. Equipped with different mold and auxiliary equipment. It could produce plastic pipe, sheet, board, granules and so on. It has features of simple process, high output, stable extrusion pressure, and low cost. The clutch equipped between motors and gear boxes, which to make the machine more compact and lower energy consumption.

2.Vacuum exhaust port is provided for the barrel, screw exhaust design, compared with conventional extruder, the function of exhaust and devolatilization is increased.

3.The function and application field of single screw are expanded.

4.Barrel can be cooling by fan or circulating soft water, imported temperature control system, PID parameter self-tuning function, more accurate constant temperature. High rotary speed, modular construction single screw extruder has been successfully developed, which endows single screw extruder with more value space.


Type  Diameter L/D RPM(max) Power Output(kg/hr)
CD-30 30 20~32 120 7.5 10~30
CD-45 45 20~32 120 22 30~70
CD-65 65 20~32 120 55 50~150
CD-90 90 20~32 120 90 120~250
CD-120 120 20~32 85 132 250~400
CD-150 150 20~32 85 220 450~700
CD-180 180 20~32 85 315 600~900
CD-200 200 20~32 85 400 1000~1500
CD-220 220 20~32 85 600 1000~2000

Single screw extruder is a special deceleration power device designed for plastic and rubber single screw extruder equipment. The reducer and motor are paired together. Gear parts are made of high-strength alloy steel. Gear is processed by carburizing, quenching and high-precision tooth grinding process.

Single screw extruder is simple in design and cheap in price, so it is widely used.


(1) The material conveying of single screw extruder mainly depends on friction, so that its feeding performance is limited, powder, paste, glass fiber and inorganic filler are difficult to add.

(2) When the nose pressure is high, the countercurrent increases, so that the productivity is reduced.

(3) The material of single screw exhaust extruder has a small updating effect on the surface of the exhaust area, so the exhaust effect is poor.

(4) Single screw extruder is not suitable for some process, such as polymer coloring, thermosetting powder processing, etc.

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