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Nanjing Beyou Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, which is a professional rubber and plastic machinery manufacturer,mainly engaged in plastic extrusion machine as the core of the plastic modification equipment and related technology and engineering field of research and development and production of auxiliary machines.

Our company has numbers of independent intellectual property rights, combined with its own application technology…

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    Founded in 2017
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    Number of employees
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    Annual sales of $30 million


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  • CTS-26C Lab Twin Screw Extruder is Used for Color Masterbatch

    Detailed technical parameters: Output : The output is 8~35kg/hr , it is small capacity. It is suitable for laboratory research ; T win screw volumetric feeder WS30 The power of speed reducer is 0.55kW,Speed ratio:17:1. AC frequency convertor adopts to “Yaskawa” AC ...

  • Our company is a professional manufacturer in under water pelletizing system

    The under water pelletizing system is our feature production line. This consists of CD-120 single screw extruder and under water pelletizing system. Advantages of single screw extruders: Single screw extruders are designed to be inexpensive and therefore have a wide range of applications. However...